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Andrea Melendez/The News-Press/USA Today

Jade Dellinger is bringing a renewed relevancy and retrospective understanding of Rauschenberg’s place in the local and global community. Read more


Meek Sisters

Nick Shirghio | Special to Grandeur

Kristine and Juliana Meek have taken over the family business that put Naples on the map for sophistication — and a tradition of community generosity. Read more


  • The VisionaryA.JPG

    Special to Grandeur

    "The Visionary" by David Acevedo

  • Juul Twisting & Twirling Waves High RedA.JPG

    Special to Grandeur

    "Twisting & Twirling Waves" by Margaret Juul

  • Slava Fokk Flamingo 30 x 25A.JPG

    Special to Grandeur

    "Flamingo" by By Slava Fokk

  • 30 red orange black pastel 20 x 28A.JPG

    Special to Grandeur

    "Red, Orange and Black" by Richard Segalman

  • 5ABAE58E-EC4B-46D7-80F7-771665DFCA24A.JPG

    Special to Grandeur

    "Climbers" By Andizar Marin

  • grace72x48A.JPG

    Special to Grandeur

    "Grace" by Amy Donaldson