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Behind the silver screen, Brian Lee is content being a household voice. more



Logan Newell

"Growing up, I don’t remember a line between doing and not doing art. It was just part of my lifestyle,” says London. more


Naples Art Association teacher Madeline Sugerman launched a Southwest Florida chapter of International Encaustic Artists to promote this timeless art form. more



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Carolann Sanita shares her international stage experience with local audiences, performing arts groups and budding Southwest Florida talent. more



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Jade Dellinger is bringing a renewed relevancy and retrospective understanding of Rauschenberg’s place in the local and global community. more



Andrew West

An artist of New York City pedigree, Lily Hatchett injects unique performance art into the Southwest Florida cultural scene. more


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Steven Newman

Artist Wendy Newman finds beauty all around, even in the most unlikely places, and she brings it out for others to see. more


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Dorothy Edwards

Jim Minor and Daryl Buddemeyer see their new Windward Isle home as a canvas for their collection of modern art. more


ArtFest Fort Myers draws a diverse crowd moved by art, community and inspiration. more


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Special to Grandeur

Sometimes you go looking for that specific piece of art, or sometimes it peers at you from a window you were just passing by and suddenly know it was meant for you. more


Meek Sisters

Nick Shirghio | Special to Grandeur

Kristine and Juliana Meek have taken over the family business that put Naples on the map for sophistication — and a tradition of community generosity. more


  • Arts-Jansen60.JPG

    "Self Portrait” by Marcus Jansen

  • “Abandoned Mansions” by Marcus Jansen

  • 1219 Grandeur 08.JPG

    Dorothy Edwards

    Jim Minor and Daryl Buddemeyer brought the art from their previous home and then used glass sculptures to complement the work. Most of the brightly colored art work is abstract and whimsical.

  • 1219 Grandeur 04.JPG

    Dorothy Edwards

    The second guest room is the only room without bright colors. Instead, the room is decorated in white, black and silver. But Jim says it’s only because that room hasn’t been splashed with color yet.

  • 1219 Grandeur 06.JPG

    Dorothy Edwards

    Bright artwork is even found in the master bathroom in the home of Jim Minor and Daryl Buddemeyer in Naples.